Crystal growing Photography

The Amazing World of Crystals

Just to keep things going we decided to make a little gallery of artificially grown crystals. Some of them are linked to their respective articles, where their synthesis is explained usually with some interesting information regarding their properties, structure et cetora. We’d like to eventually cover all of them with articles they definitely deserve.  If you’re especially interested in some of them, write us the comments and we will try to make article about it as soon as possible :).

[Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]

Cobalt(II) sulfate hexahydrate[Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]

Dysprosium complex

Yet unpublished complex of dysprosium [Photo by Michal Hegedus]


Piperine iodide [Photo by Michal Hegedus]



Boric acid crystals [Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]


Elemental silver [Photo by Michal Hegedus]

aNHS crystal

Alpha polymorph of Nickel(II) sulfate hexahydrate [Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]


potassium hexacynochromate crystal [Photo by Michal Hegedus]

magnesium sulfate

magnesium(II) sulfate crystal [Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]

Chrome alum

Chrome alum crystals [Photo by Michal Hegedus]

potassium dichromate

Potassium dichromate [Photo by Michal Hegedus]


Silicon carbide [Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]


Copper acetylacetonate crystals [Photo by Michal Hegedus]

Bismuth crystals

Bismuth crystals [Photo by Michal Hegedus]

Copper bisoxalate tetrahydrate [Photo by Juraj Kmotorka]


Potassium ferrioxalate [Photo by Michal Hegedus]


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