We´re back!!!

Yes! After almost two years of inactivity we decided to keep this page alive. The main reason is its popularity. During last 365 days, over 13 000 users have visited our webpage and we counted more than 29 000 page views. A few of our photos have become first of their kind on the Internet (potassium hexacyanidochromate(III), copper(II) sulfate trihydrate) and our boron flame photo was published as a cover of the magazine Elements.


These numbers motivated us so we´ve got back together and we have started planning… There is a number of experiments/syntheses we would like to share with you in the upcomming summer. They will include mostly inorganic syntheses, crystallizations and simple analyses. Hopefully, you will find them worth repeating! Also it will be possible to comment on articles. And finally, we will move the page from subdomain to our main domain, so when you hit in your browser – you will go directly to our page! What can you expect? Here´s a little bit:

  1. Chromium thermite
  2. Cobalt(II) sulfate heptahydrate
  3. Iron(III) potassium sulfate
  4. From iodine to hydroiodic acid
  5. Method to boost crystal growth


Piperine crystals at 5x maginification [author: Michal Hegedus]


Piperine iodide crystals at 5x maginification [author: Michal Hegedus]


Yet unpublished complex of dysprosium [author: Michal Hegedus]



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  • Hello everyone,
    Some technical problems delayed us from creating the comment section.
    Fortunately, it’s now on and you are allowed to comment on every article.
    Please take the time to give us the very valuable feedback. What type of articles would you like to see on this website? Would you like to add or change something?
    Let us know :).