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Hello everyone,

welcome to our webpage! We are glad that you visited us. As you can see our page is concerned especially in chemistry and photography. Our main goal is to spread science, experiments for amateur chemists and curiosities in chemistry. The page has been created in 2014. In the very beginning of the year 2016 new editor (Juraj Kmotorka) has joined us. Since the beginning of the year we have been looking for the support that will push us to better performance, detailed procedures and photos. We will also try to post as many articles as we are able to. Any help would be appreciated a lot (advertisement, donation) and used in the right way. Feel free to contact us with any questions at posciencelab@gmail.com

About authors:

my name is Michal Hegedus and I am the third year student in the study programme chemistry at Pavol Safarik University in Košice city. I found interest in chemistry before reaching age of 18 and started to post articles about the experiments I was doing. In 2014 I created this page and since then I´ve tried my best to publish interesting chemistry posts and photos. My other hobbies are mineral collecting (sulfide and carbonate minerals), landscape photography and hiking.


I'm Juraj Kmotorka, I live in Slovakia and I'm high school student. I'm interested mainly in biology, geology and chemistry. My main hobby is growing synthetic crystals from various compounds that are easily available. I have a minerals collection and I also collect elements of periodic table. My collections has reached 27 out of 92 elements. My future plans are to study chemistry at the university. I joined the project for its idea and the will to help share my knowledge with others.